The landscape design process begins with an initial meeting with one of our designers and the potential client at their home. During this meeting, the designer will suggest changes and enhancements to be made to the property based on the wants and needs of the client. Some elements that may be discussed include screening, outdoor entertaining and recreation areas, water features, drainage, lighting, and an irrigation system. Any potential budget for the project will also be discussed. Upon completion of the consultation, the designer will present to you our design fees, and if agreed upon, the designer will proceed with creating a design for the property.

Depending on the time of the year, the overall design can take up to 5-10 business days. After the completion of the design, a second meeting will be set up for the client to meet with the designer at our office. During this meeting, the overall design will be discussed along with the plant and building materials to be used on the project. A cost projection for the overall project is presented as well and at this point the design will be fined tuned if need to be. All the materials to be used on the project are generally located on the site and the client will have an opportunity to view them after the design meeting.

Once your design is completed and accepted, it’s time to move into the installation phase of the project. All work involved in the project is done in house and our installation crews are professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to turn your design into reality. Each project is managed by the designer to insure that the completed project is built as designed. There are certain occasions where adjustments need to be made during the installation. If this occurs, the designer will make sure that the changes made to the original design will adhere to the overall feel of the project.